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A Guide to Community Involvement

Figuring out exactly how to help our communities isn’t always easy. The work can seem too vast or too complicated for our individual efforts to make a difference. In times of worldwide crisis such as the current pandemic, effective change can feel almost impossible.

How do we answer the call and be the change the world needs? Generally speaking, there are three things you can do for the world: take action, increase awareness, and donate what you can. Georgetown South presents a few ways to do each of these things that we hope inspire you.


Your time and skills can be your most powerful tools in the pursuit of a better world. 


 Many people are unaware of the challenges facing those around them. 


Your generosity can make a difference for organizations that are struggling. 

Starting Your Own Non-Profit Business

Starting a non-profit business might seem like a scary task, but we have assembled a fantastic set of resources to help you decide on the right field and ensure your business hits the ground running.

There is no single right way to get more involved in your neighborhood, city, state, nation, or world. Whether you’re taking action on one front, two, or all three, you are making a change. Keep these resources handy, and when you feel the call to get involved, come back and see what ignites you.

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